Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Radio Heads" at the Dubai Hercules Trophy

Over the last weekend I got the good fortune to represent my company "Gulf News Broadcasting" at a super fun corporate gaming event called "The Hercules trophy". I was participating on behalf of Radio 2 - (Sister station of Josh 97.8) Our team consisted of a few of my colleagues who are super fit and the "sporty" kinds. With my martial arts and fitness background, I guess this was right up my alley too and so I signed up! :) Plus it looked really happy and fun and that's what we are all looking for right? Multiple ways of finding happiness! :)
Team "Radio Heads" Taking stage at the Dubai Hercules Trophy - March 2014

Once we had got kitted up in our team costume (courtesy Adidas), the day started out with some brain labours - simple puzzles that we solved together as a team. We were so tired exercising our grey cells, we had a really huge breakfast, and then to burn it off, a fantastic group warm up session. The thrill of moving in a synchronized way with 1000+ fit people is something that has got to be experienced. It was really heartening to see all the participants from the 80 odd teams do the warm up drills.. man what a rush!  
Post that we had a little impromptu parade kinda routine where each team took stage, waved their team flags and posed for the camera! Some photos are on the hercules trophy facebook page

Team "Radio Heads" - Rochelle, Joanne, Anjaan, Barry, Emma (standing from left), Vicky, Bella (Kneeling from left)
at the Dubai Hercules Trophy - March 2014

Right after that we moved into the first set of Labours. 
A  labour is one of the 12 team activities/challenges that all teams must compete in. Its called a labour, after the 12 tasks the legendary Greek hero Hercules had to carry out to please the Greek god Zeus. The different labours require varied levels of stamina, strength, problem solving abilities and skills. Descriptions and photos of the 12 Labours we had are here - On the Hercules Trophy Facebook page

Posing with the Dubai Hercules Trophy Mascot

Team "Radio Heads" Rochelle, Barry, Joanne, Anjaan, Hercules Trophy Mascot, Emma and Vicky (left to right)
What is it?
The Hercules Trophy is a super-charged inter-company teambuilding event that helps enhance relationships between employees, customers and suppliers through the camaraderie of sport. http://www.herculestrophy.com/ 
When & Where was it?
It was on March 22nd, 2014 at the Sevens Stadium, Dubai

Aeriel view of the Dubai Hercules Trophy at the Dubai Sevens Stadium

Got more questions?
Check out Hercules Trophy FAQ 

My Gorgeous Colleagues Emma & Joanne from Gulf News Broadcasting :)

At an event like this, one could truly feel multi-cultural nature of Dubai, with more than at least 30 nationalities embracing this highly competitive, intense full day of fun activities. Yes, some of the labours were tough, while the others a breeze. Taking part as a team teaches you patience, respect and a deep rooted civility towards other beings. I feel these values resonated across every team that took part and brought about a sort of communal happiness. I had a blast. Perhaps you should convince your company to take part next year? 

Hercules Trophy Team #Selfie - Mandatory right?

It was well organised, full of energetic happy people who work out and really lots of fun. The carnival kind of atmosphere also ensured that even though you were physically exhausted, you were mentally rejuvenated. I even made some new friends and got to know some colleagues better. Though we didn't win it (we came within the top 20) we did come out as winners. 

After all winning always doesn't mean being first, winning means doing better than you've done before, or doing something you've never done before! ;)

Fooling around with the Dubai Hercules Trophy Mascot

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Festivals - Holi & St.Patricks Day

I love it when 2 festivals from completely unrelated cultures land up on the same day. Even though these festivals have absolutely no cultural or religious relation with each other, their underlying theme seems to be the same. 

St Patrick's day (also known as the feast of St. Patrick) is an Irish traditional festival which commemorates the arrival of Christianity in IrelandCelebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. People wish each other love luck and Happiness. 

Anjaan in an Irish Leprechaun hat
The most famous Irish beer

Holi is a spring festival also known as festival of colours, and sometimes festival of love. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities. It is the Indian festival of color, joy and happiness.

Notice the common thread between these 2 festivals? Yes you are right - It is happiness. 

Wether it is Bhaang or Beer, Bhangra or Tap Dancing, Gujia or Guiness... the final destination is always happiness. No matter which festival you are celebrating, here's wishing you lots of love, luck and happiness. Spread the joy! :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Year of Change 2013

Its been a wild ride of a year, this 2013.

Work wise - Gulf News Broadcasting is really a nice company to work for. Im enjoying my time here and am even more confident that it was the right decision to move to the UAE leaving a lustrous career in India! :) I moved from the Breakfast show to the Marketing department to the afternoon show to the digital department and finally in October have settled with my new show "Happy Hours with Anjaan".
The show beams Sunday to Thursday 7-10pm on JOSH 97.8 in the UAE and you can tune in online into my show on www.joshfm.ae (India time 830pm to 1130pm)
Let me know if you are tuned in, I will spin you a song or two?

Life wise - I complete 18months in the UAE and now I am a full fledged resident. My awesome american muscle car keeps my driving very memorable and my sea face apartment gives me all the relaxation I need. I still feel like I'm on vacation most days. We managed to do a month long trip to the beautiful European country of Italy - photos are here , here and here. The Isle of Capri and Sorrento Region being the most memorable.

Fitness wise Ive started working out at a nearby cross fit arena. Ive also restarted my yoga training and of course Bujinkan Ninjutsu Continues. We have regular students and classes 2 days a week check out our facebook page or you can read my Ninja Blog. I was awarded my 6th Kyu in Aikido this year in August but havent been able to continue with it since it clashes with my Show timings. Perhaps I'll be able to restart it in 2014.

I realized that I haven't posted this entire year and thus this attempt at sharing my thoughts as this year comes to an end. I guess in 2014 too I might be more inclined to only Micro-Blog - www.twitter.com/Anjaanrj and it would also make sense for you to follow me on www.facebook.com/Anjaanrj

Here's wishing you a fantastic new year and may your life be filled with Blessings in 2014
Stay happy! :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ahlan Dubai!

We're midway through 2012 already. My my my. How time flies. Maybe its just a notion.. but sometimes all of us do feel that things are moving faster.. It is confusing, because in spirit there is no time. Time is relative, we all know. But what is a true minute. What is a true hour? what is a true month? what is a true year? Are these just convenient creations that man has for making his life more comfortable? Well never know.
Its been a whirlwind of a month for me and Life has taken a complete twist. We all know change is the most inevitable constant! Its the signal for rebirth& the egg of the phoenix!  I completed 6 years at Radio One on the 15th of May and decided to accept any change (read job offers) that came my way. Providence has always been my best friend and she sent 4 job offers my way in the months of april / may. All I had to do was choose one and I chose Dubai.

Ive joined the Gulf News Network, and am now part of their "to be launched" Bollywood Radio Station. It will be called Josh 97.8 and will beam out to the entirity of the UAE!!

Yes Relocation is a big move, uprooting oneself from familiar territory and planting yourself in a brand new scenario is tough. But its exciting. I find challenges invogorating and rejuvenating. Easy is boring and tough is fun. Whats life without a little diffculty right?

Of course I'll miss My friends & family in Bangalore. Of course I'll never forget the fun times I had at 94.3 Radio One Bangalore. Of course the people I interacted have left their marks on my memory.

Radio One even made me a sweet farewell video That really left me teary eyed and emotional. Ill miss those looneys! DNA Bangalore even wrote a sweet piece on me - here it is. And like I told them nothing is permanent and you have to move on to move up! :)

The only time I had over the last month was to pack up from bangalore & relocate into Dubai. Im still living in the hotel accomodation provided by the company and will be moving into my new apartment next week sometime. The station launches in a couple of days and I still have SOO much to do. House electricity & water application, Furniture Shopping, actual moving in, looking for a househelp/cook, getting a driving liscence, getting a car.. man soo much to do.. so exciting!

Ive even started a new DUBAI Centric blog for you to keep track. Catch my dubai musings on www.anjaanbizzle.blogspot.com

Here's to change & to things that are always in flux! Wish me luck & Stay connected!
All updates on www.facebook.com/AnjaanRJ

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Can you Get me in??

Note : The Edited version of this article was printed in the Indian Express Friday Supplement - "Indulge" - on the 18th of Feb 2011. This is the original manuscript!
Here is a Scan of Column and what got printed. Enjoy Reading! :):)

Can you get me in?

This is the single most common question I get asked as a Radio Professional. I live in a world of giving away free passes, complimentary entry, personal guest lists and “getting people in”. I figure this is because the word "Free" has to be the most used and abused word on radio.

Radio stations give away so much stuff, and thus everyone assumes that Radio DJ's have an eternal endless supply of passes to events, concerts and parties. People do truly believe that Radio DJ’s get special treatment and get entry with ease. They think we can get them into any gig, anywhere, irrespective of which station is partnered with it or who is involved in the organizing.  Even though this does make us (radio dj’s) feel like something out of XMEN with super powers – it is far from the truth.

With increasing ad breaks and non music content, and the ever flickering listener attention span, radio stations have found out that a great way to increase TSL (time spent listening) and increase listener stickiness is to give away
Valentines bashes, Christmas parties, and New Year events are the most sought after by “free entry” hunters. And GOD save you if your Radio station is tied up with a cricket match!!!!

"Free" stuff.  Radio giveaways come in various shapes and sizes. They include film tickets, lunch vouchers, makeover vouchers, spa, food, makeup, home appliances, clothing coupons and the notorious “Free CONCERT Passes
No seriously, Concert time is the worst time – EVER. “Free Pass” addicts swarm like mosquitoes in a swamp to get their hands on complimentary invites. In a city like Bangalore which is starved for International Live performances, if heavy duty acts like Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Lucky Ali, Niladri Bose and others perform within a span of 10days, the mayhem created by people wanting free passes is absolutely incredible.

Before every concert, radio professionals start getting calls from people who want to get in. These include the usual suspects – concert crazy friends, listeners, industry folk, free invite hunters, clients, and even people who you haven’t heard from in 8-10 years.  The action usually begins around 10 days before a concert. Of course the closer to the concert the more panicky and crazy the calls get. Don’t even get me started on CONCERT days.

A typical conversation goes like this…
Person : Hello is this Anjaan?
Me : yes
Person : Hi I’m _____ do u remember me? We met 8 years ago at a party?
Me : umm....
Person : Chalo im sure u wont recall... but tell me do u have passes to Bryan Adams concert?
Me : Huh?

Even though sometimes I wish I could tell them off with a sarcastic line I’ve stopped being surprised when people who I haven’t spoken to for long call only when there’s a concert/party around the corner. Even though these calls send you into a Tizzy, its entertaining how people ask the funniest things - The most common questions I’ve got are – “Can u take me backstage? Can u give me some passes? Can I meet him? Can you make me meet Bryan?” And of course the most famous one… “Can you get me in?”, Some just stop short of – Can you ask him if he will go on  date with me…

RJ Vinayak Joshi from Radio City says he gets 50-70 calls on an average for every concert in town. Every other friend and client of his invariably wants “free passes”. He feels the best way to deal with this is to tell them the truth & accept the fact that he can’t do much to get all of them in. And when he has invites – he prefers giving them to his listeners than his friends. His advice to people who call him only for passes is “remember me otherwise” (and not only during concerts and events)

RJ Rohit from BIG FM prefers to give passes to people he knows and to his listeners. He gets around 40-50 calls for concerts and events his station is tied up with. When people call him after a long gap for passes, he sometimes gets cheesed off but invariably asks them to Stop calling him!
RJ Rohit Barker from Radio Indigo has an interesting reaction to the question – can you get me in -  he simply says “Sorry, I ran out of passes 40 people ago, I would have helped you if I could”

I think the Biggest Radio myth is that Radio DJ’s have a Special DJ Pass that gets us into concerts and events. Trust me - There is no special pass. (I swear: I was even once asked by an intern when she would get her special "Radio DJ pass")
Yes, we give away free stuff, yes you can win them on our radio shows and on our contest. But NO we cant take everyone in. Stop stop asking us to get you in.  Because we hate to say No.

The only thing I can give for FREE to everyone is advice. Call me anytime for that. And don’t forget that if I had the power, I would get everyone (including you who haven’t spoken to me for 8 years) IN. Have a great time at the concert. Cheers!


-- Anjaan is Programming Head and a Radio DJ with the 94.3 Radio One Network

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Of Ironic threesomes

The internet is such a beautiful place. It has always fueled people's creativity and let them share their humor with the world.
Even though its Ironic that the ENTIRE country was on HIGH Alert on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday - today was possibly India's Biggest Landmark verdict (or so they say) - the Ayodhya Issue. Today the internet was rampant with varied and interesting thought about the verdict, our country and India in general. Some made me laugh, and the other made me think. Just do a search with the :#Ayodhya tag on twitter you'll find plenty.This is a compilation of some of my favorites from the unified madness that ensued on twitter today

- Disclaimer - the below are NOT my thoughts and are tweets by tweeters from around the country.
 (ive given credit wherever I could trace back the tweets)

The Funny Ones.
  • The High Court verdict (if true) is basically the very Indian "Abeyaar, everyone pliss adjust".
  • Supreme court says #ayodhya idols cannot be removed. Can we atleast remove indian idol?
  • Overheard BMC official: If this was in Mumbai, we would have given FSI of 5, and extra 3 for parking. Everyone would have more land.
  • There seems to b some confusion on which among Kalmadi, Reddy brothers and Khurana got the last third land
  • Judge: Verdict will be here any minute now..almost there..Here it comes.. Kalmadi: Woohoo! Everyone's distracted! *buys more toiletpaper* thetanmay  
  • So it's Ram's birthplace because of "overwhelming Hindu beliefs in it". Quick world! Believe in a rain of breasts! NOW! It'll become true 
  • No need to panic yet people. As expected the verdict is one confusing floozy. Will take till next year for people to figure it out and riot.

  • I'm glad this is happening now. So we can move on with what's really important. Bigg Boss starts Sunday 9pm. Yeehaw. b50 
  • 1/3rd for Hindus, 1/3rd for Muslims and 1/3rd Management quota.
  • Everyone is going on with their business like everyday in chennai! Absolutely doesnt matter here? 
  • Allahabad High Court shuld have loaded thr website with ads... they would have become millionaire 
  • So Ram was born in Ayodhya. Big deal. I was born in Mumbai. Better city. I want Colaba for my temple. Any challengers?  
  • Okay so the #Ayodhya verdict is that it's going to be divided into three parts. One's running Android, One iOS and one Symbian. Wait, what? 
  • BREAKING NEWS: Ayodhya now only computer in the world that has 1/3 GB Ram. 
  • That's why I like newspapers. No one yells out the news at the top of their voices. I'll wait for tomorrow's papers
  • Lawyers behaving like the vaanar sena.

  • Looks like a swarm of penguins has attacked the Allahabad HC. Where is batman when you need him??

  • I think it is good that a decision has been made, even if fragmented.Appeal or not, Kamasutra wins, 
  • Once again, Indian Christians get NOTHING! Wake up sheeple!! How long will this go on... WHY! 

  • That female judge screaming her lungs out on TV looks very very scary. iphonefresh
  • paayi is per disco bana do.kaun jata hai mandir masjid aaj kal.

  • 8000pages judgement? Not sure if someone got time to read thro all to understand. :) 
  • Anyone willing to split a Pizza three-ways with me in celebration of the verdict? dharmeshG
  • someone just told me "Ayodhya needs a night club" over gtalk.. aDeSe

  • 100 Black & White coats yelling. Like watching march of the penguins, except 2000 penguins are softer. I christen this cartoon "Crappy Feet"thevirdas
  • So, if they agree to build a mall at Ayodhya, what should they name it? dharmeshG:
  • So the High Court just said, "Can't we all just get along" in legalese? madmanweb

  • Why do these judges sit on bench..?? I mean c'mon we re not that much poor. Give atleast SOFA instead of bench. TheAngrezJailer:
  • Poor Allahbad High Court. After this, everyone will forget it, & it'll fall into a ruinous life of cocaine & cheap reality show appearances mojorojo

  • About 2 lakh jawans deployed in UP. Just how many more men can Mayawati handle?! Phew. DJ_Jasmeet
  • did you hear the one where Kalmadi walks into a bar, the bartender says FUCK YOU! dharmeshG

  • Mere samne waali khidki mein, ek Nirmohi Akhara rehta hai madmanweb

  • Ram gets 1/3rd, Hanuman gets 1/3rd, Sita gets screwed as usual MumbaiCentral

  • Threesomes. That's the way we indians do it ;) nikhilv

The Angry Ones.
  • Okay, yay for the land and all that, but here's a thought; Shit broke that day. WHO THE FUCK DID IT? 
  • Mayati requested for more Jawans. She won! RT @sunayanasuresh 
  • Why on earth is it going to an akhara? We don't need any more pehalwans!'Bastards! 
  • This in not a a match! Don't say "we won". CHILL THE FUCK OUT! 
  • It took 60 years for the court to announce that the land should be divided between Hindus and Muslims? A mother would have decided this too. 
  • all freaks twitting in unison on some heresy topic...charlesblore 
  • Some moron journalist trying to push a mobile phone down Ravi Shankar Prasad's throat to get his "exclusive" - even as he is speaking. 
  • Will somebody shut Ravi Shankar Prasad up! He's going to piss a lot of people off with this bs religion talk.
  • Judiciary is made a joke of...strange jokers wearing black coats are shouting...is this the way to announce a verdict? #fuckingshameful 
  • these lawyers are from one side. They've broken the protocol shamelessly.SashG
  • "Terrible pictures" only with the lawyers there, Barkha? What of the 100s of journalists trying to jump on those four lawyers? @bdutt 
  • Stop flashing the V sign. Start displaying the "We" sign for all Indians. iphonefresh Amit Bhowmik
  • People... do not get confused between "Mobs" and "Moobs". They are two different things...although both can be life threatening !!
    Fuck you Ram Lalla types. Show that kind of affection to your daughters, who aren't mythical creatures but made of flesh and blood.

The Ones with a different Take
  • I'm feeling more sad that a 16th century mosque with awesome acoustics was demolished. Man the parties we could have had there.
  • The talking heads on the channels think dismissal of Sunni Wakf board is strange. They have a problem with statute of limitations?
  • So going to temple means u r not secular? Which shrine will u go to out of 3? sohamshah 
  • Its time for three! Prayer, celebration, solidarity! 

  • Allahabad high court should have implemented adsense. They could have made some chai paani from ayodhya verdict
  • Che che. Embarrassed that I've succumbed to #ayodhya nd am tweeting crap.
  • Way to not incite violence. Keep repeating "This has been proved to be Ram's Janmasthan." Lawyers very triumphant about it.
  • Babri Masjid falls down...and 18 years later...the Allahabad High Court website crashes down! 1AmAisha

  • www.allahabadhighcourt.in doesn't open, and www.rjbm.nic.in is "underconstruction". Like Ayodhya, they're also demolished sites diogeneb    
 The Thoughtful Ones
  • Like feathered oysters, squabbling over a pearl
  • This looks like a political verdict and not like a correct verdict. How can the land be partitioned as if its a ones property.
  • The Ayodhya verdict is just what the secularist ordered. Equal portion of land to all parties solves the 60-yr-old problem. 
  • India fails while the world watches.
  • I find this a landmark judgement. 3 way division is the best in the worst circumstances
  • This live press briefing is a circus. Can't make out anything. iphonefresh 
  • Rajdeep Sardesai: "so lets move from Peepli live to #Ayodhya live for this one day." themovingcloud 
  • Is it Ram Lalla or Ram L'allah? 

  • This is fantastic. Everyone is going to approach the SC. Nobody is happy. Right now the HC is the common enemy.shilparathnam

  • So this Allahabd high court website. Do you have to register with full details so they can spam your phone when the bulk sms restart? flyyoufools
  • Hey Kalmadi I know u delayed the verdict. It sure was u. Such a notty boy diverted all the media glare away didn't u.

The One's who Like Closure   

  • going to ignore the ayodhya verdict... i will focus on the internal fight on my couch. bono vs the kittens... who does the couch belong to? shaaqT  
  • 8600 pages? They could have just tweeted the verdict instead.GauravSaha 
  • At this juncture I would like to reiterate a point made by an old college lecturer: "Sabka malik fake hai." sidin
  • I love this country. It's been five minutes, I don't know what's happening, but I just saw a swami on my screen.  
  • Verdict says those people who have left home for the day can get back to work now. All is well. HiteshMehta

Monday, August 23, 2010

Isnt it Ironic?

Ive always known we Live in an Ironic World. In fact Irony is so beautiful it seems so natural and contrary to all sense! In fact Life itself has a Supreme Irony - We never really get out of it Alive! *grin*. If you look properly you can find Irony everywhere! But Truly the aim of life is to stop thinking and start feeling right?

Here are some ironic thoughts for you to chew on.

Isnt it ironic that - we live in a Country where

  • A pizza reaches home faster than the Ambulance the Police
  • One can get a car loan at 5% but an education loan costs 12%
  • Rice costs Rs.30 but a Sim card - is FREE
  • Footwear (for our feet) are sold in AC showrooms but vegetables (that we eat) are sold on the footpath
  • We make lemon juice with artificial flavors and dish wash with pure lemon
  • Bizzare Amounts spent on one sporting event (ref CWG) - when more than 40% of the nation is starving and under the poverty line.
Look around! You will find Irony everywhere! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wanna Beach Bum?

Over the last year Ive asked you to vote for me, to forward my contest urls and to help me win social media travel contests!

You even helped me recently by clicking “I like” on my photos & voting for me as "Bangalore's Most Sylish music host (Which I won and have a fully paid 4nights 5 days trip to malaysia pending)

Now its time for Payback! Here’s something That I’ve got FOR YOU!
Think of it as gratitude for all the things you have done for me and the love, warmth and votes!

Here's your chance to win a vacation for free - in the Andamans! Ive been to Havelock and its the most gorgeous places on planet earth - a Must visit and one of the best beaches in ASIA!!!

All u need to do is to register here

Log onto http://www.taggle.com/?tgref=BJYI33

Your flight and accommodation is taken care of and you get to experience nature at its best! U get to stay At a Jungle eco-resort called Barefoot at Havelock!
Whats more you also get to Swim / snorkel with Rajan the ocean swimming elephant and beach bum - FOR FREE

Hope Luck is on your side! All the best!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jumping off a Plane!

-- From the photo Archives

This is the closest one will get to feel like how superman feels, This is the closest one will get to know what a bird thinks, this is the closest one will get to experience what a leaf experiences as it floats down to earth

Last October We jumped off a plane from 14000 Feet. It was simply Exhilerating! :) Mark it down on your "to do" list.

"Life isnt complete unless you Jump From a plane" - Anjaan 2009

Friday, May 07, 2010


"We are held prisoners only by ourselves. Our own thoughts and actions are the jailers of our fate." - James Allen

I think James Allen had an epiphany as he penned that. Yesterday I had an epiphany!!! Something stirred inside me and has compelled me to write this!

Just to set the tone right Im NOT speaking for Kasab or any Other terrorist. What he did and what every terrorist and fanatic does and beleives in is despicable by any human standards. Its the filthiest low that humanity can go to. Im not supporting anything he did either, or endorsing any fantatical terrorist motives or intentions.

My heart goes out to the victims, survivors and their families and friends. I truly feel the pain they feel everytime I think of the tragedy that happened. I pray for your strength! But the lines I pen below are beyond the tragedy, beyond kasab and maybe beyond death. My thoughts are much simpler. My intention is to get your mind thinking, and to set your heart free and you can do this by asking yourself a simple question.

What does this statement mean? - "To err is human to forgive is divine"

Yesterday I had posted my opinions on twitter - with the hashtag #MercyForKasab and I realised that opinions arent taken lightly. What seemed to me as a platform for sharing my thoughts turned out to be a burning pot of viscous reactions! The heated discussion even had people who threatened me! I was asked to shift to pakistan, I was called a hypocrite, I was asked to shut up, I was almost ostracised.
Its a different thing to react and give your opinions and its a different thing to take this personally! Lol. But I guess there are all kinds!

Anyways Some people thought it was creepy, some thought I needed a brain transplant, and some thought I needed pity but most of the people who responded wanted to behead kasab in public. 'Chop to pieces' was a general consensus!

Yes its ironic, We're supposed to be a Benevolant nation!

I was Surprised and sad at the emotional responses that people had to the #Mercyforkasab thought! I was disheartened to know that im part of a Minority group that wished for non violent end for Kasab. I was saddened that Compassion, Love and Mercy hold no meaning anymore! I promised myself that I still Wont Lose Hope on Humanity and the goodness in the world!

Life changed for me because of Kasab. I have always believed in the inherent goodness in every human being. Ive held pride on the niceness of human kind. Ive also believed that circumstances and other forces might make on a terrorist or an evil doer, but in ones heart there always is some good left. There's always room for love.

So why was I shot down so much? Just because I proposed MERCY for Qasab! Isn't that what makes us Different From Him? Maybe life Imprisonment definitely. Will help him clear his head out. I know it takes strength to forgive. But if u stoop down to the level of the attack, ur no worse than the attacker itself.

Some called it gandhigiri - but Ive never really Gandhi's life or teachings to be influenced enough by it. But I believe that rudeness and anger breaks hearts, crushes minds, and kills the spirit. Kindness heals. Ive always tried to be kind to everyone, everytime. And no there is nothing called "too kind"

But the truth is - Yes, Kasab Killed people, but now by wanting to Kill him, one gets closer to becoming him!! Last evening on twitter I felt I was chatting with many Kasabs about the One Kasab!

Apart from not believing in capital punishment, I also think the entire Kasab situation is overhyped. The Real Culprits are still at large. Here are Some Questions Ive not got answers for. They are for u to mull over!!
  • Will the death penalty make a martyr of Kasab?
  • Could he be a crucial link or resource in future cases? Why not a rigorous life sentence?
  • Are we just finishing off his original job for him?
  • Will killing Kasab make our nations enemies happier or sadder?
  • Most people think we're doing this to send a message - Isnt Capturing him the BIGGEST message we can send across. And MERCY an even bigger message?
  • Do you think his Death will bring back any of the people who he killed? Or make them happier? Would they want you to kill him or forgive him?
  • He kills people – We kill Him – Whats the difference in our thinking? We’re both Killers?
  • We don’t have the power to give life – where do we get the power to take one?
Ok forget the philosophy - thing of this - India - the worlds next superpower. Dont u think we owe it to the country to exhibit ourselves as a civilized society. Less than a handful of countries still allow capital punishment. I believe the idea of Capital Punishment as a form of genocide
You might say its fair to kill a killer: then If this is so then are not the relatives of a killer are allowed take mortal revenge on those that put their family member to death?? Where does this end??? Does it at all?

Remember anger, hatred and revenge are negative spheres to operate from. Compassion love and empathy never really hurt anyone!

Maybe Kasab is in a better place by being killed afterall. with so many people sending him hate, anger and other negativity I wonder how he even sleeps at night. Im sure he had a cyanide pill ready for suicide when he was captured, and he really is beyond worrying about his death. He's in a "i dont care anymore" zone and our prattle doesnt really bother him. Maybe the death sentence is, in fact, #MercyForKasab! Solitary forever would actually be cruel!

To the "what would you do if it was your sister/wife/mother that was brutally murdered?" argument I would say this...

Of course I would be angry, upset, have a rage. Maybe I would want to strangle the person, or smash their face with a baseball bat. But then, that is what we have a system for. I would be prevented from doing that, prevented from adding onto a chain of violent actions and continuing the cycle of violence.
I would pray for strength and for solace. And I would wish for calmness and peace of mind to control my negative emotions.

I turn 30 in a couple of days. I take it upon myself as a mission to spread Love. To spread sunshine in every corner I touch. Thank you for reading this and I hope I managed to get you thinking. Hope I managed to give a mature, holistic understanding and simplified version of thoughts on issue as complex as Kasab! I Wish you an epiphany soon! I pray you have the strength to forgive!

I leave you with a quote from the most read Book in the world.
"Forgive them o Lord; for they know not what they do!"